May I offer you a hot beverage?

Snow blizzard  all around in Japan. Tokyo Meteorological Agency issued a heavy snow warning for Tokyo for the first time in four years. Now, it’s time in Fukui…           The hot springs in winter sound fantastical. […]

Unique Winter Activity

Skiing or sledding? There are a lot of cold weather activities in the world. But there is no activity quite like Snow Storm Experience in Gosyogawara city, Aomori. “ Jihubuki” (snow drifting ) was stared in 1988.  Goshogawara city is […]

Picking seasonal Fruits

Strawberry season has come! There are many strawaberries desserts in the shops. I have found the Dorayaki (Japanese pancake with redbean) and strawberryat Ecute Shinagawa ” Ichigo week “( Strawberry weak ) Pick Your Own Strawberries!! At ” Hamamatsu Fruits […]

Winter break homework ~ Japanese Calligraphy ~

Winter break has begun! (Or will begin soon!) One of the traditional winter break homework is Calligraphy in Japan. The first calligraphy in the year called 書き初め “Kaki-zome” ( First calligraphy). 書道“Shodo”(Calligraphy) has been practiced to cultivate one’s inner self. […]

Where to see Mt. Fuji

Where are the best spots for viewing Mt. Fuji? One of the frequent asked question from my overseas friends. It’s a very tough question to answer and it reminds me of Princess Ann of Roman Holiday. “Each in its own […]