What to Order at Yakiniku Places

Dear Meatlovers – Have you ever wondered how to order at Yakiniku places here in Japan? Are you aware of your favorite meat part? Here’s a brief explanation.


牛タン Gyutan – tongue

Sliced very thin and cooked quickly at Yakiniku. Usually served with lemon to add freshness to its rich & deep flavor.


カルビ  Karubi – boneless rib

Extremely marbled, juicy, and rich flavor. One of the most popular and standard dishes at Yakiniku places.


肩ロース  Rosu – chuck roll

Moderately marbled, full of umami. Best beef part to enjoy as Yakiniku or Sukiyaki dishes.


ミスジ Misuji – oyster blade

This part is located just under the shoulder blade. A rare cut that could only get 2 – 3 kilograms per each cow. Rich flavor full of umami.


ハラミ Harami – skirt

This part is close to the diaphragm of the cow. Takes a bit longer to cook but you will enjoy the soft meat with strong and rich taste. Classified as organ meat, but texture is close to red meat.


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