Summer activities for kids!

Do your children already have summer plans for this long summer holidays? Holiday terms are a bit different depending on the schools, but I suppose most of them have more than a month at least. Kids surely need some fun activities to spend their long holidays with!

Just like your home country, there are various kinds of summer activities in Japan. Some of them are targeting returnees or children from foreign countries, so hopefully your children will not have any linguistic barriers joining the activities. Here are some options…


Summer activity Kayaking holidays

Enjoy kayaking in a beautiful river! Especially the Shinano, the longest river in Japan, is amazing!!


Summer activity farming holidays

Visiting the countryside of Japan to join a farming workshop would be a wonderful experience for your children!


Summer activity festival holidays

Many exciting summer festivals will be held at various parts of Japan. There will be many activities your kids can join and be a part of the festival teams!


Options mentioned above are only a few – you will surely find a perfect activity just for your child somewhere in our list.

Let us know if you need our help to find a best summer plan that fits your little ones. We are happy to help you and make wonderful summer memories for you and your family!


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