Renting a place in Tokyo

If you go house hunting in Japan, you might be interested in looking for the below conditions:

  • South Facing / 南向き: Unlike houses in other western countries, houses in Japan have very limited space and are not exposed to all directions. Very important to check which direction the living room / bedroom is facing, and look if they get enough sunshine inside. The directions will also have an impact on air-conditioning cost and humidity of the room.
  • Distance from public transportation / 駅からの距離: This is one of the top priorities for a local Japanese when they consider renting a new place. It has become more and more rare for young single adults to own a car in order to cut maintenance expenses and due to space issues.
  • With or without an elevator / エレベーター付き:This might be critical for some of you. Note there are still apartments without elevators in Tokyo – even for apartments with 2 bedrooms or more. Also you might want to check if there are any stairs before the reaching the door.
  • Wooden or Tatami floor / フローリングか畳: There are a certain number or rooms with tatami floor.
  • Internet Environment / ネット環境: In some cases internet connections are already included in the rent but if not, you would need to make an arrangement by yourself.


Let us know if you are having plans moving or interested in looking for other options for your living. We can give you practical advises and are even willing to attend your visit to the real estate offices!

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