Self Medication tax deduction

“Self-medication tax deduction “ has started on 1st of January 2017.

What is “ Self-medicatio tax deduction”
It’s a new tax system as a exceptional of medical expense deduction. After January 2017, the sum up of designated OTC ( Over-the-counter) drugs expense more than 12,000 yen, income deduction can be applied for the amount of exceeding 12,000JPY up to the ceiling to 88,000JPY.

When individuals file “ Self-medication tax deduction”, they need to show the proof in one of the followings.
  1. A company health check up
  2. A vaccination for flu
  3. A cancer screening
  4. A specific medical checkup ( Metabolic syndrome)
The filing period is from 15th of February to 15th of March 2018. 
The applicants need keep receipts of the drugs and reports to certify you have done therequired approach.

Self-medication tax deduction cannot be used at the same time as the current medical expense deduction.

Should you need further information about the filing, please contact National Tax Agency.
Many of designated OTC drugs have this logo.

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