Meet Godzilla

I think Goddilla is the most famous beast in Japan. It is a ferocious and fierce beast which destroys everything in our city (in the movie)

However, people around the world including me do not stop loving him.

With electric wires, it looks real but this is a huge statue safe and good.

くりはま花の国ーKurihama Hana no kuni” is the nest of this still Godzilla.

It is not only a statue but it has a kid slide in it, that is a really tiny and only for small kids.

My children love it!

However, if you are not sure if your children want to play with Godzilla much, do not worry, there are much to see and do in this place.

They have a nice play ground from easy ones to tricky ones.So my children who are six years apart could have fun together!

“Hanano kuni” means a flower country. So they do have flowers and flowers too.

In autumn, there are cosmos flowers in the main garden.

It may be a good idea to take family photo every year here.

Cosmos flowers have different language of flowers by its colors such as “a beautiful maiden” for pink and “purity” for white.

“Harmony of maiden” for dark pink.

The flowers look best from mid September through late October.

The combination of Godzilla and cosmos will attract all ages!



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