Tokyo Grand Tea Ceremony

Japanese Tea Ceremony sounds a little too Japanese to you, doesn’t it?

You may wonder what you should put on for the traditional ceremonies or you are not sure about the manners to follow. To tell the truth, that kind of thoughts come up to Japanese people’s mind too if they don’t have the experience yet.

However, it is too good to miss without any try. So, we would like to introduce you Tokyo Grand Tea Ceremony, a great opportunity to try a tea ceremony, casually!

They have a couple styles of tea ceremony, from the very traditional ones to casual ones for beginners. In casual ceremonies, you make a pair and make tea for each other. English explanation will be given for this type of ceremonies too.

They also have tea ceremonies in Nodate style, or outdoor tea ceremonies.

In all ceremonies, you will taste the real green tea which is not sweet at all. However, if you put fluffy bubbles of green tea into your mouth and taste it very carefully, you may be able to find the delicate hidden sweetness in there. If you don’t, never mind and give a bite on a small Japanese sweet which will be served with green tea. The sweet will melt on your tongue and create beautiful chemistry with the bitterness of green tea.

It is my small dream to entertain people with Nodate tea ceremonies. For that, I may have to take full classes of tea ceremonies for years though.

This event is very popular every year. So if you feel you must try this, you better be there early, or call them to ask availability (they don’t accept booking the tea ceremonies for beginners.)

If you can’t be there early, it must be fun to watch them for next time with enjoying photo shooting.

They also have an event for foreign people. There you can try traditional Japanese flower arrangement and/or  putting on kimono.

It will be a good opportunity to try on kimono!

Tokyo Grand Tea Ceremony

Date: October 21 and 22 (Sat. & Sun.)

Time: 9:30am-4:10pm (check-in time 9:00am-3:40pm)

Place: 1-1 Hamarikyu-Gardens

Chuo-ku, Tokyo

Entrance fee : ¥300/person under 65 years old. ¥150/person over 65

Free/children under 12 and junior high school students who live in Chip-ku

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