Tokyo Ramen Show 2017

When my friends visited us from USA, they had a list of things they wanted to try in Japan.

One of the list was “Japanese Ramen in Japan.”

Yes, in Japan, Ramen culture has been established in addition to Sushi, Tempura and Fiji-Yama.

There are lots of Japanese Ramen experts too. They often go to Ramen restaurants and share their information among Ramen lovers. Popular Ramen blogs are viewed almost 8,000 times a week.

There are Ramen Museum in Yokohama, Ramen streets in Tokyo Station and hotspots for Ramen in Ikebukuro, Shinjuku and Waseda area.

For those Ramen Lovers, there are big events, Tokyo Ramen Show in Tokyo, which will be held twice, from October 26th through 31st and Nov. 1st through 5th. 18 popular Ramen restaurants for each time will gather in Komazawa Park.

As people love baseball teams in their hometowns, they love Ramens in their hometowns as well. Since I am not the exception, I love Ramen in Fukuoka that is famous for thin noodles with white rich soup.

In this event, you can try 18 kinds of Ramens for ¥850/each.

Bring your family members and friends to share and taste those Ramens as many as you like!

Tokyo Ramen Show

🌑First stage

Oct. 26th through Oct. 31st

🌑Second stage

Nov. 1st through Nov. 5th

for both


10am to 9pm

On Oct 31snd November.5, closing time is 6pm.

When Ramen is sold out, restaurants will be closed earlier than that.


Chi-o hiroba in Komazawa Park


Free entrance

¥850/Ramen,tax included

Pre-tickets are sold at Seven-Eleven

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