The Yokohama Parade 2018

For those who haven’t started planning for Golden Week:

Check out the annual Yokohama Parade with history of more than 60 years.

Date: 3 May 2018

Starts at: 10:45 am near Yamashita Park

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There will be marching bands from schools, Japanese fire fighters, the U.S. army, kids dancers, baton twirlers, dragon and lion dancers from China town and more!

Be sure to check the traffic regulations beforehand in case you are planning to visit by car. Looks like the regulations take place at around 10am to 3pm every year on the big day. This massive parade will last more than 3 hours, will definitely entertain you and your little ones. Highly recommended for those who love to be part of a festive atmosphere!

The Yokohama Parade is only one of the events held during the Port Festival month. There are more events and projects planned in this historical city throughout the whole month, such as the dragon boat race, the Yokohama Triathlon, and fireworks.



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