One day trip from Tokyo- Oya History Museum


Tokyo is the capital of Japan as everybody knows and in this mega city, there are lots of place to go and see. Most of them are a kind of busy with packed with people and traffic, exciting and sophisticated but sometimes you may feel you want to be surrounded with mysterious nature.


If you go north for about three hours, you will be in the mysterious and historical nature in Tochigi prefecture.


Near Utsunomiya, the capital of Tochigi, you will see;



Oya History Museum




This place is very famous with its sacred beauty so that even local people often visit this place.



Someone says that this place is like inside of a pyramid in Egypt.


It is called “Oya Stone Quarries”.


As this quarries had been hidden for a long time, they call this place “Unknown Space” This place is as large as two baseball fields. The depth is about 30m. The surface of stones has traces of pickaxes, that make you feel the history of this place. The view which has scent of the ancient gigantic buildings is overwhelming and this land unique.




In this huge space, concerts, art festivals and events are often planned. Sometimes it is used as an under ground church.



Moreover, this place has been used for shooting of movies, TV dramas and music videos. The followings are famous moviesand music videos which were taken here;


“Rurouni Kenshin” Big fire in Kyoto

“Liar Game” final stage

SAKURA, Third generation Jay Soul Brothers




If you have a chance to visit Tochigi, this is the fine place to drop by.



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