Cherry blossoms Forecast

It’s been too cold the last few days. The preliminary report on Cherry blossom 2018 released. According to Weathernews(weather news provider) Tokyo will be on 22nd of March and 29th of March for Kyoto. The accommodations’ tariff Kyoto and Osaka […]

Vegan and Vegetarian

I have found an article about Vegetarian friendly restaurants in Japan at Japan Travel Forum of Tripadvisor. Lacto-ovo vegetarians, Ovo-Vegetarians,Lacto-Vegetarians and Vegans. For Pescatarians, there are still some options to eat in Japan. Shojin Ryori Shojin-ryori(精進料理) is a vegetarian meal […]

Unique Winter Activity

Skiing or sledding? There are a lot of cold weather activities in the world. But there is no activity quite like Snow Storm Experience in Gosyogawara city, Aomori. “ Jihubuki” (snow drifting ) was stared in 1988.  Goshogawara city is […]

Where to see Mt. Fuji

Where are the best spots for viewing Mt. Fuji? One of the frequent asked question from my overseas friends. It’s a very tough question to answer and it reminds me of Princess Ann of Roman Holiday. “Each in its own […]

Must-See Winter Illuminations in Tokyo

After Halloween is over, you will start seeing winter illuminations all over Japan. Tokyo, as it is the capital of Japan, has the numerous good spots for them.   Don’t keep yourself inside the house for the whole winter evenings. […]